My incredible A1A2 journey with TaalTafels

As 2024 unfolds I find myself reflecting on my incredible A1A2 journey with TaalTafels, it has been a beautiful transformative chapter in 2023 to meeting my lovely classmates. Unfortunately at this time I will not be able to continue with them for B1. I sense our chapter is not over and I hope when I … Read more

De leukste Cursus Nederlands

Taaltafels is an excellent Dutch school located in The Hague. My time there was very nice and I was able to learn a lot and more importantly, get comfortable with speaking Dutch! The teachers are lovely and well trained in language education. They are slaap a very international group and I felt comfortable to be … Read more

The best Dutch language school in town

I’ve taken courses at Taaltafels up to B2 for almost 2 years. Needless to say the team at Taaltafels is all superheroes with a tremendous amount of passion and hard work that they put in teaching/managing the classes. I am impressed by every lesson they prepared, how they make the language attractive and how they … Read more

One of the best teachers and lots of fun

I liked this course more than I expected! The teachers are nice and fun. One of the best teacher’s I’ve ever had. Besides that my Dutch got much better I had a lot of fun talking with other students too. Definitely recommend this school.

leer van de besten

De beste Nederlandse taal school. Ik beveel deze school van harte aan. Dit is geen reclameslogan, het is waar van het eerste tot het laatste woord. Uw tijd en geld zullen niet worden verspild

Language Specialist

I did a lot of research in den Haag and read it myself, none of them are good, everything here teaches clearly and perfectly, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

From an absolute Beginner in Dutch to B1+ level in short time

I started with Peter in October 2019 as an absolute beginner in Dutch. In a short time, I manage though his way of teaching and his techniques to reach A2 level in less than 4 months. Learning Dutch in Taaltafel is full of fun, the atmosphere is cosy and there is always fresh coffee . … Read more


Bedankt Peter en Ilse voor individuele ondersteuning bij het leren van de Nederlandse taal. Altijd gezellig en een gastvrije sfeer. Dit is de beste opleiding en ik ben blij dat ik deze heb gevolgd.

A0-A2 level student

Super gezellig atmosphere! I have recently finished A0-A2 level in TaalTafels and I loved everything about it and especially the method of teaching. Pien and Peter are amazing teachers with great experience and precise explanations. I definitely recommend this school . Here you don’t only learn grammar and rules but every day dutch that you can actually … Read more