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My incredible A1A2 journey with TaalTafels

As 2024 unfolds I find myself reflecting on my incredible A1A2 journey with TaalTafels, it has been a beautiful transformative chapter in 2023 to meeting my lovely classmates. Unfortunately at this time I will not be able to continue with them for B1. I sense our chapter is not over and I hope when I am ready and can continue B1 you are not retired. I want to take this opportunity to thank you, your wife & all the teachers for your dedication & passion to give us the confidence to get us to speak the Nederlandse taal.



De leukste Cursus Nederlands

Taaltafels is an excellent Dutch school located in The Hague. My time there was very nice and I was able to learn a lot and more importantly, get comfortable with speaking Dutch! The teachers are lovely and well trained in language education. They are slaap a very international group and I felt comfortable to be myself there. I am currently taking a break from my Dutch studies but if I were to go back sometime I would definitely return to TaalTafels. Thank you for welcoming me into your wonderful, community.


The best Dutch language school in town

I’ve taken courses at Taaltafels up to B2 for almost 2 years. Needless to say the team at Taaltafels is all superheroes with a tremendous amount of passion and hard work that they put in teaching/managing the classes. I am impressed by every lesson they prepared, how they make the language attractive and how they turn learning process into a fun adventure to explore.

I also like the way they introduce as well the Dutch culture, how they connect students outside of the class and facilitate networking between students. That’s something also very important apart from learning the language.

I am so thankful for having such wonderful lessons at Taaltafels, and feel lucky that that I decided to enroll courses here. I’d be no hesitant to recommend Taaltafels to anyone who seeks a Dutch class in DH. Best of the best in town!

Tam Pham

Gratitudes and Inspiration

The team at Taal Tafels are wonderful teachers . Each teacher has their unique style , and all of them have a common quality and that is patience . They are thoughtful , humorous and most of all very attentive to each student .The classroom environment is very comfortable and warm . The setting invites easy engagements between teacher and students .

I have only compliments and gratitudes for Peter , Pien and Frank .


I am more confident to speak

I had just finished A2, when I started studying in TaalTafels. So, I thought this is my level or this is what I have been told. But when I started with Taaltafel , I found that my grammar is weak. Beside ;I don’t have the confidence to speak.Now, with Peter(TaalTafels) and his way of explaining everything; I feel I am more confident to speak because my Grammer is becoming better and I can differentiate between one rule and the other. He has his magic way to transfer the information smoothly. He spends much time on you till he feels that you are good in Dutch. He likes to see the student’s expression when he says Ahaaa now I get it. Somes people are born to be teachers due to their gift, Peter is one of them. I am so lucky that I am one of his students. You may think I have exaggerated; but if you study in TaalTafels , you will know I haven’t.

Kawthar M

A0-A2 level cursist

De beste Nederlandse taalschool in Den Haag. Ik had hele leuke docenten. Mijn Nederlandse taal is in een korte periode snel verbeterd. Dank jullie wel voor alles.

Alican Y.

Ik ging van A0 naar B1+ niveau in minder dan een jaar

De docent let op voortgang van elke student. Ik kan geen betere school dan Taaltafel vinden !


Super docent Peter

Wat een nuttige cursus heb ik gevolgd bij TaalTafels school ! Met heeeel super docent Peter .💐💐


THE BEST Dutch language school

My experience with TaalTafels: First, after 5 months of Dutch course, I have passed my Inburgering exam from the first attempt! Mission accomplished! So there is no doubt about TaalTafels – it’s THE BEST Dutch language school; they follow a great study program and approach each group member individually, not to mention a friendly atmosphere in the room and having fun. Now then, teachers, I was lucky to be in the group led by Peter and Pien – they soon became more than a teacher to all of us, good friends, mentors, coaches, and therapists ))) whatever was needed, Peter and Pien were always there. Honestly, do not think twice if you consider passing the Inburgering exams or just improving your Dutch – this is the right place to be!

Juni 2022


A0-A2 level student

Super gezellig atmosphere! I have recently finished A0-A2 level in TaalTafels and I loved everything about it and especially the method of teaching. Pien and Peter are amazing teachers with great experience and precise explanations. I definitely recommend this school 💯. Here you don’t only learn grammar and rules but every day dutch that you can actually use it while you studying there. I would say very practical and helpful to improve your level. Thank you Taaltafels for amazing classes and help 🔥❤️🚀


One of the best teachers and lots of fun

I liked this course more than I expected! The teachers are nice and fun. One of the best teacher’s I’ve ever had. Besides that my Dutch got much better I had a lot of fun talking with other students too. Definitely recommend this school.



I recommend Taal tafels for everyone who would like to start learning the Dutch language from scratch like me. I have started from 0 with literally no idea about the language. The method of teaching in taal tafels is highly engaging, the teachers select the students carefully and this makes a robust base for the comfort among the groups. The teachers puts a great effort in following up with each student individually. I will go on with taal tafels for the next level of the Dutch language as I really appreciated the way the taught me the Dutch grammer.


They are the best school in Den Haag.

They are the best school in Den Haag. I enjoyed by learning Dutch. The teachers are nice and fun. I do recommend this school.


Niet zomaar een taalschool

Taaltafels is niet zomaar een taalschool, het is een echte familie! Het team van medewerkers werkt met veel liefde voor studenten om Nederlands te leren en een gelukkig en succesvol leven in Nederland op te bouwen. Ik ben in juli 2021 naar Nederland verhuisd en heb drie semesters bij TaalTafels gestudeerd. In die tijd ging ik van niveau A1 Nederlands naar B2 (bewezen door het behalen van de NT2 II-examens). Ook kreeg ik een baan in mijn opleidingsgebied. Dit alles was alleen mogelijk dankzij de sfeer op school, die supermotiverend is en je de emotionele steun geeft die je nodig hebt om de uitdagingen van het leven als immigrant aan te gaan.

Silvia Gonçalves Ricci Neri

Lovely experience!!

I joined Taaltafels not knowing a single word in Dutch, then after few weeks the lamp got lid and the feeling of understanding others around me in the street and on the the train is just indescribable! I was motivated every time I went to attend a the course by the mood and friendliness of the group that Taaltafels mysteriously creates. Well done Peter, Marty and Ilsa for you have put a new way of teaching Dutch language and culture (I would even call it a role model).

Fadi Behman

From an absolute Beginner in Dutch to B1+ level in short time

I started with Peter in October 2019 as an absolute beginner in Dutch. In a short time, I manage though his way of teaching and his techniques to reach A2 level in less than 4 months. Learning Dutch in Taaltafel is full of fun, the atmosphere is cosy and there is always fresh coffee 😊.

Mr Peter pays attention to each student and he is willing to go with you as fast as your progress. Unlike other Language schools where each course is predetermined within a timeframe, Taaltafel students can jump into the next level if their progress is ahead of their current level.

Aside from that, Peter and Ilsa are amazing people and they are friends for life


B1-B2 Cursiste

TaalTafels is uitstekend! Ik heb eerder geprobeerd om Nederlands te leren, maar bij TaalTafels was het de eerste keer dat ik het echt leuk vond. Ik heb de B1-B2 en B2-C1 lessen gevolgd en ben ermee erg blij, niet alleen met de “leerstijl” maar ook de gezelligheid van de school (en de medecursisten).


Bedankt ....

Bedankt Peter en Ilse voor individuele ondersteuning bij het leren van de Nederlandse taal. Altijd gezellig en een gastvrije sfeer. Dit is de beste opleiding en ik ben blij dat ik deze heb gevolgd.


leer van de besten

De beste Nederlandse taal school. Ik beveel deze school van harte aan. Dit is geen reclameslogan, het is waar van het eerste tot het laatste woord. Uw tijd en geld zullen niet worden verspild


Cursiste van A2 naar bijna B2 niveau

Top Nederlands taal school! Dynamische lessen, uitstekende methode, geweldige leraar en de beste koffie! Ik ben erg tevreden met hoe snel mijn Nederlands verbeterde! Bedankt Peter en Ilse!


Language Specialist

I’ve studied in many language schools in The Hague, but what makes TaalTafels stand out is the Dutch language specialist who is familiar with the right pedagogical methods and language acquisition challenges.


Cursiste in de groep B2 – op weg naar C1​

Sinds enkele maanden neem ik lessen bij TaalTafels waarmee ik tevreden ben. Peter Wortelboer is een deskundige en gemotiveerde docent, die veel tijd heeft gestoken in het zoeken van de beste manier om de les te geven, waarbij er rekening wordt gehouden met de individuele wensen van de cursisten. Ook is de combinatie van lessen en thuisopdrachten fijn. Als je geïntereseerd bent om je Nederlands verder te ontwikkelen is TaalTafels zeker een aanrader.


Heb je een momentje? Beoordeel ons! 😊