The Team

We are a small team of highly qualified, experienced teachers who work with great enthusiasm and drive to teach students Dutch.


Peter Wortelboer


Peter is the founder and director of TaalTafels. He has taught all his professional life, first on a social level in therapy groups and juvenile detention, among others, then as a behavioral trainer within organizations, and finally as a teacher of Dutch and NT2. Peter has gained experience teaching at all levels from A0 to C1 to all target groups, both young people and adults. High-level Dutch for speakers of other languages is his passion and students from all different countries and cultures are his love and light.


Frank Stolk

Teacher of NT2

Frank is originally a physical education teacher of the first degree. He has been working with a lot of love in secondary education for years and has made the switch to teaching Dutch as a second language. Frank works at Johan de Witt College in transition classes and teaches foreign children aged 12 to 18 who have just arrived in the Netherlands. At TaalTafels he teaches the A0 – A2 groups, in which he is specialized, with a lot of energy and pleasure.

Pien foto

Pien Dros

Teacher of NT2

and speech therapist

Pien is a speech therapist and has long worked in child and adolescent psychiatry. Once she was asked to teach NT2 because it would probably suit her and that’s right! She has enjoyed working as an NT2 teacher for years now and, with her background as a speech therapist, she specializes in pronunciation and intelligibility. Pien has worked at Sagenn and Up2Learn, among others, and has gained experience with all levels from A0 to C1. She now works as a freelancer for the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam (VU-NT2)


Marty Smit


Marty is co-founder, director and supervisor at De Vrije Ruimte, a school for natural learning for primary and secondary school students. She has been doing this for 15 years now. Before that, she worked for more than 10 years as a qualified French teacher in regular secondary education. In addition to her life’s work at De Vrije Ruimte, Marty started the one-year NT2 teacher training in August 2022. Marty does an internship and works as a freelancer at TaalTafels on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Ilse Wortelboer

Back office

Ilse is a consultant at the national government in organizational design. In addition to her job, she does the back office of TaalTafels. She helps with administration to make sure that demands of Blik op Werk and DUO are met. And she is happy to use her knowledge, experience, and network to guide students where possible and helpful.

foto angelique

Angélique Strobbe

Back office

Angelique has been working as a salesperson and branch manager in clothing for years and she is a perfect hostess. She recently obtained diplomas for receptionist and administrative assistant. In addition to her job in Hulst, she does the invoicing, student administration and contracts for TaalTafels every month.

Design & Website
Gadisha Snip

Graphic designer & Web designer

Our volunteers

Chelbia, Dominique, Dorine, GerJo, Jeroen, Lars, Magdalena, Mohamed, Marion, Seriena, Susanne, Tessa and Timo

TaalTafels helps students with more than just learning Dutch.
We organize language dinners and help students find work by using our network!