Self-study and learning progress

Self-study is an important part of our language trajectory’s and largely determines the progress of each student. In our contracts is stated that 3 to 5 hours of self-study a week is needed. This is very important for total progress and to keep up with the fast pace of groups with a high learning profile. 

Some students study a lot at home and learn faster than the group. Then it is possible at TaalTafels to switch to a higher group. Students who structurally have too little study time and need more time to finish the course properly, can switch to another group and have the possibility to repeat the study material if needed. 

Please note: a switch to a lower group is purely because there is a shortage of time. If necessary, we advise students who have difficulties keeping up due to the learning profile to switch to another school. 

At our school there are also students who are in two different groups at the same time because they are very fast learners. The teachers decide what is possible based on level assessments and test results.

In order to really learn to speak Dutch well, it is important that students find their own ways to practice speaking skills in daily live, in addition to the lessons. TaalTafels will continue to emphasize and encourage this.

In short: your own effort determines your progress and the duration and costst of achieving a certain level of Dutch!