Workshop Pronunciation

You can speak Dutch, but do others understand what you are saying?

However good your Dutch may be at this point, the Dutch pronunciation is a tough one. Each language has its own sound, rhythm and melody. For a lot of foreigners Dutch may prove quite difficult to pronounce. 

If your pronunciation is wrong, people won’t understand what you are saying, which in return can make you feel unconfortable and inhibited. A lot of people who are practicing language are afraid to speak. That is a shame since learning to speak Dutch comprehensibly takes practice. 

Proper pronunciation is important and is given a lot of attention during each course. Due to the full program however it is possible that there is not enough time and space to work in more detail on pronunciation. Therefore TaalTafels regularly organizes workshops that primarily focus on pronunciation and the art of perfecting it.

For NT2 students

Workshop is possible without enlisting in the other courses

Duration is half a day. Costs are € 45,-