Workshop Presentation skills

Presenting is an art in itself. Many people find it difficult and if Dutch happens to be youer second language, presenting may prove to be even trickier, since you will not only have to deal with the language barrier but also different cultural manners and ways. 

Frequently heard statements: 

  • The content of the presentation was strong, but …
  • Sometimes I had difficulties understanding the speaker
  • I was too distracted by the speaker’s accent/ pronunciation
  • He avoided eye contact when asked a question
  • He/she did not dare to contradict me on matters of opinion
  • There were too many ‘uhm’s  and ah’s in the presentation
  • He/she should have intervened when a discussion started
  • The speaker’s point of view was not clear

During the workshop ‘Presentation skills’ we will focus on the presentation skills expected in The Netherlands – “doing it the Dutch way’!  

We will concentrate on pronunciation, verbal and non-verbal communication  (i.e.. body language ) as well as considering certain cultural influences.

For NT2 students

Workshop is possible without enlisting in the other courses

Duration is a day. Costs are € 90,-