Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure TaalTafels

The management and employees of TaalTafels do their utmost to keep the quality of all services very high and to meet the expectations of customers and clients. It may still happen that you as a customer are not satisfied with our behavior or our services and that you have a complaint about this.

We find it very pleasant to first start a conversation to see whether the complaint can be resolved jointly orally. If you are still not satisfied after the interview, you can submit a formal complaint. A formal complaint is a written notification by post or e-mail about dissatisfaction with the services or results of TaalTafels or about (undesirable) behavior. How your complaint is handled is regulated in these complaints regulations.

Article 1: Submitting a complaint

Everyone has the right to lodge a complaint about:

  1. the quality of the service or the results achieved
  2. the way in which employees or management have behaved in a particular situation

The complaint must be submitted in writing, motivated and signed in Dutch or English to the management of TaalTafels . The complaint contains in any case:

  • Name and address of the complainant
  • Date
  • Description of the complaint

Article 2: Not handling a complaint

If a complaint is not handled, the complainant will be informed of this within four weeks of the receipt date.

Reasons why a complaint will not be processed are stated in Article 9: 8 of the Algemene wet bestuursrecht. See

Article 3: Handling of the complaint

  • The management of TaalTafels appoints an independent practitioner. Usually this is the director himself. If he or she cannot form an independent judgement, the management will appoint another employee within TaalTafels or an independent external person as the practitioner.
  • The person handling the complaint will confirm receipt of the complaint in writing within two weeks.
  • After receiving the complaint, the handler will give the complainant the opportunity to explain his complaint
  • Within six weeks of receipt of the complaint, the person handling the complaint will make a decision and this will be sent to the complainant in writing. The decision includes at least the findings, conclusions, reactions and the handling of the complaint. If the period of six weeks is too short, the complainant will receive a written indication of when he can expect the decision.

Article 4: Remedy

If the complainant is of the opinion that TaalTafels has not resolved the complaint satisfactorily, the complainant can submit the complaint to an independent expert. The course institution is obliged to appoint an independent expert outside of TaalTafels if a course participant makes use of this professional opportunity.

For course participants who fall under service 11 of the Blik op Werk quality mark (people integrating with a DUO loan), there is the option to submit the complaint to the Arbitration Board of the Blik op Werk Foundation. TaalTafels will then supply all relevant documents to this Board. The advice given by the Arbitration Board is final and both parties must follow this advice.

Article 5: Final provision

1. TaalTafels informs interested parties of these regulations and ensures that the regulations are accessible.

2. In cases not covered by these regulations, the management decides.

3. The parties bear their own costs, including the costs of assistance by an authorized representative.