TaalTafels has a fixed working method for new students.

First we make an appointment for an exploratory meeting. During this meeting, we will determine together whether the school is suitable for you and TaalTafels will make an initial assessment of your language level. We also check whether you have a high learning profile and whether you fit into our target group.

It is important to mention that we use English as an intermediate language up to the B1 level to explain the grammar.

After this first meeting, you come to the school to follow a free trial lesson in an existing group or we start a new group (usually A0) and the first lesson is a free trial lesson. We are obliged to take intake tests for DUO students who do not have a beginner’s level. The intake tests give us the opportunity to check again whether we are placing you in the correct level group.

If you want to sign up for the course after the trial lesson and the teacher agrees, it will be agreed that you will sign the contract with TaalTafels for the next lesson.

TaalTafels has included an extended intake period in all contracts. In practice, it sometimes turns out that a student does not quite fit in with the target group of the school. We focus on a high learning profile. The pace of the lessons is high and we also expect a number of hours of self-study per week. Extended intake takes place through observation of the teacher during the lessons and – if necessary – taking tests after four to six weeks from the start of the course.

If the extended intake shows that the student does not have a high language learning profile and/or cannot keep up with the pace of the group, the contract will be terminated immediately. TaalTafels is committed to referring the student to another school