Rates & Contracts


TaalTafels has one fee per hour for all students, which is € 15,-, materials and tests excluded. The costs of a textbook and internet license are about € 40,- and a test, if necessary, is €10 each.
The total costs of a course in the overview, for instance from A2 to B1, is a target or average price based on 3 to 5 hours of self-study a week. No rights can be derived from the information in the overview.


TaalTafels uses flexible, custom contracts. The contract is made to fit you as a student. We don’t have fixed-term contracts because we have ongoing groups without a start- or end date, so students can join a group at any time and fast learners can switch to a group with a higher level. All contracts have a cancelation period of one month.


If you’re absent once, you will have to pay for the lesson. If, however, you can’t come for weeks at a time, because of work, family or other reasons, TaalTafels has a special payment arrangement. You are accountable for the 1 st week of absence, but not for any weeks after. Good consultation about absence is required, because prolonged absence makes it difficult to keep up with the group.

Self-study and learning progress

Self-study is an important part of TaalTafels’ courses and determines the pace of learning of each student. Some students study a lot at home and are faster than the group they are in. At our school it is possible to switch to a higher group. Some students fall behind too much or have structurally insufficient time to study. Then it is  also possible at TaalTafels to switch to a slightly lower group. The personal effort ultimately determines the achievement of a language level and also determines the duration and costs of a language course.