Covenant Civic Integration and Language

TaalTafels is part of the Covenant on Civic Integration and Language of The Hague. This covenant from 10 schools with the municipality of The Hague sets quality requirements for language education. The collaborating schools focus on migrants who have to purchase their own education of the Dutch language. These are family and other migrants and refugees with status under the old Civic Integration Act from 2013. The municipality informs and refers to one of the covenant partners for education.

TaalTafels is one of the providers within the covenant that specializes in the B1 – B2 level for students with a high learning profile.

The director of TaalTafels, Peter Wortelboer, spoke on 3 June 2022 on behalf of the language providers at the signing of the covenant with the alderman for Social Affairs and Work, Arjen Kapteijns. Peter called for good and transparent mutual cooperation with each other and with the municipality.

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