Borrow from DUO

Borrow from DUO

Learning Dutch, naturalization or integration costs money. You can borrow money from the education department of the government, which is called DUO, depending on your personal situation. Borrowing from DUO is only possible at language schools with a Blik op Werk quality mark. TaalTafels has this quality mark. 

If you have little money now, this is a great solution to learn Dutch quickly and to increase your chances of finding work in the Netherlands. 

You can apply for a DUO-loan via the internet. You will need DigiD (digital identity from and for the government). More info can be found at Please apply for the loan in time – the process will take up to two months. 

If you have a DUO-loan, TaalTafels will send the invoices to DUO every month. At the end of each month, the student must press ‘agree’ at the account of ‘mijninburgering’. 

If you do not want or cannot get a DUO-loan, you have to pay yourself. That is why TaalTafels invoices per month, so you don’t have to pay a large amount at once! TaalTafels wants to accommodate students as much as possible.