TaalTafels was founded by Peter Wortelboer in 2018 based on a personal vision with four pillars:

  • Language acquisition and integration for highly educated students or people with a high learning profile can be done faster and better

  • Learning Dutch should be fun and varied. TaalTafels has dynamic classes with highly qualified teachers and the groups are diverse due to a mix of refugees, migrant and expats

  • Language alone is not enough. That is why the school uses, where ever possible, a broad network to help students with study or work

  • All foreigners also want to build a social network, make friends an find their way in a new and foreign country. TaalTafels tries to make this happen by connecting people through social activities.

Because we have experienced the effects of Covid, we added two important pillars:

  • Personal contact is of the utmost importance to learn Dutch. Learning a language is tough and is much easier and faster in lessons on location with personal contact. Moreover it is much, much more fun.

  • Self-study is an important part of the language courses at TaalTafels and largely determines the progress of each student. Some work at home a lot and learn faster. Some have too little time to study at home. Therefore we make it possible to switch to a higher or lower group or even follow lessons at two different levels at the same time.