Naturalisation, State Exams, or “just“ wanting to improve your Dutch speaking skills?
TaalTafels is the answer!

The first step for anybody who has newly arrived is the learning of the Dutch language.TaalTafels is convinced that language and naturalisation for higher educated refugees and other migrants can be done better, faster and more reliable.
And that is exactly what we do!

TaalTafels is looking ahead . In 2020 language level B1 will become the norm for naturalisation, together with the State Exam I.
Choosing for TaalTafels means you immediately choose B1.
Should you wish to still do the exam in 2019 ( A2-level), then you will be better prepared than needed!
Should you want even more challenge then that’s possible too.

Why TaalTafels ?!

Higher-educated refugees and migrants are a minority in the Netherlands. Professional NT2- teachers level B1/B2 who are compatible with the profile of higher -education are in a minority too.
At TaalTafels we only work with certified teachers who can deliver our promise.

That’s how simple it is !


Quality first
Small groups
Fast Pace
Pronunciation is the key
Creative Language Learning
Beautiful Location

At TaalTafels higher educated people from all walks of life meet at one big table, whether you are a refugee, a migrant, or an
expat to exchange information, build up a network and learn the language. Integration knows many ways!
TaalTafels actively helps with credential evaluation, ( voluntary ) work, education trajectories and other valuable issues that
focus on integration in The Netherlands.

At TaalTafels you are not alone!

TaalTafels acquired the Aspirant-Keurmerk Blik op Werk.
Therefore courses can be possibly paid by DUO.

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